Karen Shollenberger

Vice President

Karen Shollenberger joined Benchmark Human Services in 1987 as Director of Group Homes. In 2001, she became Vice President. Throughout her career as a VP, Shollenberger oversaw Group Homes, Supported Living, and Day Services in Indiana and Missouri.  Currently, she oversees Indiana Family Preservation Services, Camp Red Cedar, and special projects. She also serves as a member of Benchmark’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.  Shollenberger has been involved in Benchmark’s deinstitutionalization efforts, leading and developing large-scale projects of building homes and assisting individuals moving into community homes from institutional settings. As Benchmark services have expanded, Shollenberger has assisted with several endeavors, including the start-up and expansion of Supported Living services, Camp Red Cedar, and consulting with providers and institutions.

She is involved in state groups and associations and is interested in proactive interactions with state regulators and other stakeholders regarding programs and services for people with disabilities. She strives to provide the best services for individuals with disabilities and enjoys developing future leaders for Benchmark.


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