Day Services

Every day matters.

From volunteering and learning new skills to exploring one’s community, Day Services offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a full, rewarding day.

At Benchmark, we believe that every person should be encouraged to be productive, inspired to learn, and be involved in their community at levels of their own choosing. We bring this principle to life in our Day Services program through social and educational opportunities and regular community participation—which includes volunteering and giving back.

Day Services participants explore their communities by visiting and volunteering at venues such as parks, zoos, and museums. Though most services are community-based, many programs have a home base where individuals learn life skills like cooking and money management. Individuals can also participate in sports, arts, and personal hobbies including music and recreational therapies.

Through these experiences, participants often:

  • Improve physical abilities, including fine motor skills
  • Develop social skills
  • Build healthy relationships with peers and community members
  • Increase independence
  • Raise self-esteem

Day Services is designed for individuals of all abilities, including those with extensive medical and behavioral needs. No matter the activity, participants meet new people, make friendships, and enjoy their community.

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