Behavior Health Crisis Response

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Benchmark is a leader in developing and operating large-scale crisis management systems. We operate crisis response programs that serve adults and children four years and older, autism, behavioral health needs, serious emotional disorders, and substance-related disorders who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis or are in a situation likely to turn into a crisis. 

Benchmark offers 24/7/365 support. Crisis response teams respond to a crisis in the individual’s home or community. Licensed clinicians and direct support professionals work closely as a team to assess the immediate safety and mental health needs of individuals and to ensure linkages to on-going services in the community.  

These services, which include time-based protocols for in-home responses and options for acute placement, are proven to reduce critical incidents, failed placements, incarcerations, hospital stays, and re-admission to psychiatric facilities for individuals living in the community. 

Services are generally modular and can be customized to meet a number of variables from geographic area to budgets. Services can be scaled from comprehensive statewide systems to specialized projects focused on a single region or metropolitan area.

Hallmarks of Benchmark’s Crisis Intervention Services include:

  • Peer-Based Support: This model uses certified peer specialists (CPS) who work from the perspective of “having been there” to assist individuals in crisis and to serve as a role model.
  • Community Collaborative Partnerships: These partnerships identify and unify resources available in the community, including support groups, community service boards, and representatives from law enforcement, local departments of Human Services and child welfare agencies, private psychiatric hospitals and emergency rooms.
  • Recovery-Based: This philosophy embodies self-direction; includes the individual’s “whole life” of mind, body, spirit and community; relies upon interactions with others in supportive, trust-based relationships; involves ongoing peer support; and emphasizes hope as an essential and motivating factor toward moving to a better future.
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