Intensive Support Coordination

Managing the details.

Intensive support coordination (ISC) provides specialized coordination of waiver services and medical and behavioral support services for participants with extensive medical and behavioral needs. Through ISC, we assist individuals in coordinating all of their services, whether they are Medicaid reimbursed or provided by other funding sources.

Intensive support coordination goals include:

  • Early detection of health/behavioral destabilization in vulnerable populations
  • Establishment of active measures to prevent premature deaths
  • Prevention of exacerbating and deteriorating conditions, crises, or preventable acute episodes by mitigating risks
  • Proactive promotion of improved health outcomes

The frequency of ISC services is based on the individual needs of each participant, with special attention paid to addressing health and safety risks and service provider issues. 

Benchmark takes a holistic approach to delivering ISC services, ensuring that each individual has the resources to reach their greatest potential. 

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