Specialized Residential Support

Benchmark believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live in the community, and that this is possible with the right support. That’s why we offer specialized residential options for individuals with extensive behavior and medical support needs, forensic backgrounds, and a history of institutionalization or unsuccessful community placements. Our continuum of services includes stabilization drop-off facilities, respite homes, in-home support for family caregivers or residential providers, and long-term residential services, including customized home environments in-state and out of state placements to best meet individuals’ unique needs.  Our highly trained staff provide a broad spectrum of customized care ranging from 24/7/365 to a few hours a week. Whatever the need, Benchmark’s goal is to find solutions to enable individuals of all abilities to live successfully in the community.

Throughout our company’s history, Benchmark has supported deinstitutionalization efforts. Benchmark has moved more than 600 individuals out of institutions and into the community. By securing and environmentally modifying homes and designing individualized living plans and specialized program options, individuals with significant behavioral and medical support needs can successfully transition out of centers to enjoy active, meaningful lives in the community. Benchmark has also assisted individuals previously placed out of state to move closer to their home communities and families, achieving better outcomes for the individuals and realizing significant cost savings for state governments.

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