Building Momentum.

Align by Benchmark continues our legacy of being a proven leader of services for complex populations. As a long time service provider specializing in serving people with extensive medical and behavioral needs, as well as those with forensics backgrounds, Benchmark extends our expertise through Align, helping other providers, government entities, and corporations develop and implement successful systems design and best practices. 

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance with development of crisis continuum systems and services 
  • Quality management and regulatory compliance consulting for IDD/Medicaid residential providers.
  • Consultation with state and funding agencies to develop services for intensive needs populations
  • Specialties around developing autism/Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs
  • Building provider capacity:
    • Community-based nursing for clinicians
    • Behavioral intervention skills for DSPs
    • Institutional transitions / meaningful days
    • Environmental structuring

Our consulting team is comprised of industry leaders with extensive operations and clinical expertise. We are an experienced team, eager to share the lessons we’ve learned and solutions we’ve created for clients across the country. 

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