Provider Capacity Building

Workforce issues are a top challenge providers face. Benchmark is committed to partnering with providers, managed care organizations, and state governments to develop innovative solutions to address this challenge. One such solution is our Provider Capacity Building concept. Through targeted infusion of shared clinical supports and additional training and coaching resources available to a subset of providers, these providers can develop competency, confidence, and capacity to serve individuals with complex needs.

Targeted outcomes include:

  • Increased potential for the persons served to enjoy sustained healthy lives in the community
  • Reduction in costs related to supplemental staffing, critical incidents, or employee injuries
  • Diversion from emergency departments or encounters with law enforcement
  • Prevention of future crises and reduced recidivism
  • Fewer disruptions in placement

Arkansas Provider Focus

To pilot the Provider Capacity Building concept, Benchmark has partnered with Summit Community Care Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE – an IDD and behavioral health provider shared savings organization) and Anthem, its managed care partner, to implement Arkansas Provider Focus.  The project aims to build capacity among a pilot group of Arkansas providers to support individuals with IDD using person-centered approaches to prevent behavior escalation and psychiatric crises. Through a team of clinicians including Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), Benchmark offers on-site and virtual teaching and coaching for pilot providers’ direct support professionals, supervisors, and organizational leaders, as well as family caregivers; training options and topics customized to providers’ needs; transition and placement planning assistance; identification of high potential direct care staff for development into RBTs and BCBAs; and more.

Alabama IDD Crisis Systems Analysis and Provider Capacity Building

In 2021, Benchmark contracted with the State of Alabama to research and design a continuum of care for individuals experiencing behavioral health crises, conducting extensive stakeholder engagement and data collection and analysis. Benchmark assisted the State with drafting a Request for Proposals for development of crisis diversion centers and provided targeted technical assistance for the centers during startup.

Through this initial project, Benchmark identified critical gaps in care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) experiencing crisis situations and significant provider capacity limitations to serve these individuals. Benchmark is currently engaged in a two year contract with the State of Alabama to create a full continuum of supports to serve individuals with IDD with intensive behavior and medical needs in community settings. The project is comprised of two major components:

1. Systems Analysis:

  • A holistic system assessment, including a gap analysis of system and provider capacity, technical gaps within the current system of care, and challenges for providers
  • Recommendations to support individuals with a wide range of complex needs

2. Provider Capacity Building/Crisis Support:

  • Direct support and consultation to providers with priority given to those cases with the most acute needs
  • Intensive care coordination for individuals with most significant support needs/those on the waitlist for services

Implementation of a master plan of provider capacity building initiatives (e.g., training, database to monitor persons in crisis, response protocol, outcome measurement, internal development of staff behavior support expertise)

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