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Benchmark/H&W Independent Solutions

Benchmark recently acquired H&W Independent Solutions, Inc. Founded in 2001, by Catherine Hayes and Mark Wiesel, H&W offers an array of supports and services that target the systems within a provider organization necessary to enhance and improve quality services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD), and the staff skills necessary to implement successful systems and supports. Throughout it’s history, H&W has used proven methodologies and curricula as a base to tailor the solution to the specific problem, staff skill level, agency operating plan, and organizational culture to provide the maximum effectiveness to agencies or organizations.

Benchmark is carrying forth the legacy and mission of H&W. When you work with Benchmnark, you will recognize that we bring to every project our personal commitment to assist you to achieve positive outcomes for the individuals your agency supports. Benchmark’s philosophy is one of follow-up, monitoring, feedback, and guidance. We can provide on-going observation and feedback, coaching, and mentoring necessary to create positive change within your organization. Our team of consultants are selected for their commitment to these same values. Benchmark’s cadre of mentors, trainers, and consultants can provide the skills and focus your organization needs to succeed.

Benchmark Consultants

Building on the experience and expertise that Catherine Hayes and Mark Wiesel established at H&W, we have assembled a team of consultants with a vast array of experience supporting agencies that serve people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Hayes and Wiesel continue to provide consultation and assistance to the Benchmark team.

Our team includes consultants with formal training and practical work experience in the fields of medicine, nursing, therapies, psychology, behavior analysis, quality assurance, education, and organizational management, each with practical work experience working with people with I/DD. Team members have expertise that includes implementation of effective active treatment programs, behavioral supports, health care supports, quality assurance systems, and staff training programs.  Our team is committed to a results-oriented hands-on approach with your staff to achieve the outcomes you are seeking to enhance and improve your services and supports and achieve and/or maintain state and federal regulatory compliance.

Our team includes consultants with federal and/or state regulatory experience in both Intermediate Care Facilities/Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) and Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) programs as well as experience providing direct services which gives them a unique perspective to better meet your organization’s needs and expectations.

Benchmark designs each project based on the needs of the customer and has the expertise necessary to provide you with effective and efficient consultation and management of your project. Using a hands-on approach, we focus on systems identification and improvement with a primary goal to ensure your organization has effective operating and quality assurance systems and the leadership, staffing, and staff training necessary to achieve and maintain the needed improvements.