Reach maximum potential.

At Benchmark, we believe in independence. To us, that means helping those we serve live in the community whether on their own, with roommates, or with family.

As a leader in providing residential services, Benchmark has been at the forefront of developing options for individuals with disabilities, including transitioning from state-run facilities, behavioral health units, and nursing homes into community settings.

We also serve people at home through programs focused on crisis intervention for individuals with disabilities and behavioral health needs, pediatric home health, and early intervention therapies.

We believe in the power of meaningful work. Through our lifestyle-based support programs, we help individuals find and keep jobs that provide structure and foster self-esteem.

From job seeking and training to continued support, Benchmark helps individuals find employment that puts money in their pockets, enriches their lives, and supports their communities.

We believe shared experiences enrich us all. Through our day services and recreational programs we help people of all abilities stay connected, volunteer, and make friends. 

We recognize that involvement and inclusion in one’s community helps provide a more meaningful, well-rounded life, so all of our programs emphasize helping those we serve become active members of the communities in which they live.

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