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Health, Safety, and Respect

Health, Safety and Respect PhotoHealth, Safety and Respect are the foundation for all of Benchmark’s services.

Benchmark Human Services wants the people we serve to enjoy the best health possible, be safe in all activities, and be respected in all aspects of life. Together, ensuring the health, safety, and respect of individuals we serve provides the foundation for services and interactions.

Nancy Bobay, Director of Compliance, explains: 

“Ensuring the health, safety and respect of individuals we serve is a process we follow everyday by hiring the right person, by training them to implement and maintain our processes and high standards, and by conducting regular monitoring and measuring of these processes and standards.

We customize our services according to each individual’s plan, which may be focused on habilitation, behavioral and/or medical needs. Through our regular monitoring, measuring and reporting of all services, Benchmark corrects and improves services as needed, tracks and analyzes trends, and follows a strict and detailed investigation process on all incidents that in any way affect the health, safety and respect of the individuals we serve.”

Bobay emphasized that because Benchmark does not tolerate abuse, neglect, or exploitation in any form by any person. Benchmark encourages anyone witnessing or suspecting that a person we serve has been abused, neglected, or exploited to:

  • Contact the employee’s supervisor or “on-call employee” immediately if a person witnesses or learns about a situation that may involve abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
  • In addition to calling the supervisor, the employee may contact the Compliance Department by calling the Hotline at (877) 319-9669 – option #6, or by emailing Information sent to Compliance may be left anonymously. Providing detailed information will assist in the investigation, which does not substitute for the employee’s responsibility to report immediately.

Benchmark follows the Employee Protection Policy to protect those reporting allegations from any form of retaliation.

A guardian wrote a letter of thanks to the Benchmark staff in Southern Indiana, concluding these words: “Our experience with Benchmark has been extremely positive and provides me the comfort of knowing Bobby is well taken care of and is being given the opportunity to improve his mental capacity. The living arrangements are excellent and social interaction offered is so important in having Bobby regain his self-esteem.  Your staff is without question one of the reasons for your success, and I can only say ‘thank you’ to all of them. When we had our conference call and you had so many of your staff involved, I told people this was a sign to me of the commitment Benchmark makes to provide a better life to people with disabilities.”